Arms, Abs & Assets 



A mat-based strengthening and sculpting class that targets (of course!) your arms, abs and assets! Combining vinyasa (flow) and some work with hand weights, resistance bands, and/or the barre, this class will focus on core while sculpting and toning head-to-toe. Get ready to focus on achieving some awesome abs, strong arms and other amazing assets!


Candlelight Yin



Find yourself in another world and escape this reality.. A beginner to advanced friendly practice that's all about gentle flows and long periods of stretching, with a lovely vibe that will have you floating from the room. Free your mind. Liberate your senses. 


Power Vinyasa



Our hottest, highest-powered and most intense class, though still beginner friendly, as long as you remember to go at your pace, stay in your breath, and do what feels right for your body.  This pose driven, high energy,  fun class with great music  promises to be a tough work-out...with a zen finish. Expect verbal instruction from the mat or from a roaming teacher.


Slow Burn



A more traditional practice, these slower vinyasa flows coupled with mellower music allows the practitioner time to find (or lose) themselves in their breath and asana (poses). Heat is optimal, humidity is heavenly, and the mood is a bit more meditative. Expect verbal instruction from the mat or from a roaming teacher. 


Sunrise Vinyasa $5



Lunch Barre



Like Candlelight in reverse, this class is often called “The Long, Slow Wakeup.” More mellow music will help wake you up gently; floor flows begin to open the body, and standing flows provide the movements you need to wake up and get in touch with your entire body. Plenty of quiet time to get into your own space. A sweet way to start any day, and a practice that you can make your own to take from it what you need. And these Tuesday & Thursday 6am's are only $5!

Barre  in the hot room! is a unique exercise/yoga class that combines barre work, resistance bands, and more, with yoga poses and flow. Central to the workout are toning and strengthening exercises for the butt, legs, torso and arms, combined with the flexibility, balance, and zen of yoga, for a perfect all bases covered workout for your body and your soul.