Morning Flow/Slow Burn


A more traditional practice. Slow, but energizing vinyasa flows that will allow the practitioner time to find themselves in their breath and asana (poses). A wonderful way to start any morning.


Power Vinyasa



Our highest intensity class, expect to build up a sweat. This pose driven, high energy class promises to be a tough work-out...with a Zen finish. 


$5 Sunrise Vinyasa



Floor flows begin to open the body, and standing flows provide the movements you need to wake up and get in touch with your entire body. Plenty of quiet time to get into your own space. A sweet way to start any day, and a practice that you can make your own to take from it what you need. 


HIIT Vinyasa



A combination of High Intensity Interval Training and yoga. Expect a dynamic yoga-based warm up, followed by alternating HIIT circuits and active-recovery yoga sequences. This class is accessible and adaptable to all levels of strength and fitness.


Restore & Renew



A calm and grounding class suitable for all levels. A blend of meditation, pranayama(breathwork), restorative and yin yoga. Poses will be held for 2-5 minutes to stimulate muscles and joints. Perfect class for those who are seeking improved range of motion or looking to balance out vigorous activity.


Candlelight Flow



Intended to settle your mind & body. You’ll work up a sweat, through slow moving asana sequences and deliberate, breath-focused postures.



Candlelight Yin


Find yourself in another world and escape this reality.. A beginner to advanced friendly practice that's all about gentle flows and long periods of stretching, with a lovely vibe that will have you floating from the room. Free your mind. Liberate your senses. 


Barre Fusion